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Sustainability Management Overview

A job of addressing water and air is directly linked to life, so our sustainability management starts with taking responsibility for what we are doing. We pursue the health of customers, society and environment throughout the whole business process from product/service development and production to marketing and sales. We also pursue the happiness of all stakeholders, including customers, executives, staff members, partner companies, and local communities, who affect each other.

2015 Material Reporting

  • Implementing Differentiated Growth Strategies
    Implementing Differentiated Growth Strategies
    It is mandatory for company's continuous growth to provide the better value to customers through differentiated products and services. Especially, the business of environmental appliance has become more important for its procurement of differentiated growth strategy as the environmental pollution gets worse and the market opportunity expands as well as the competitiveness becomes deepened. Coway is trying to find the answer for continuous growth by establishing a differentiated growth strategy toward a direction of providing a better value to customers through strengthening of inborn competitiveness and procurement of future technology.
  • Strengthening Customer Relationship Management
    Strengthening Customer Relationship Management
    According to the business characteristic of Coway's rental business, as we have formed a long term relationship with customers from post management to return stage after the product sale, customer satisfaction is a very important element in the aspect of Coway's sustainable management. Moreover, due to rapid market change and diversified customer needs, such elements have become more important as the customer classification at the provision of product development and service, the establishment of response strategy for each customer group as well as the understanding of customer's environment and situation who actually uses the product.
  • Business Strengthening Product Reliability and Safety Relevance & Approach
    Strengthening Product Reliability and Safety
    Recent manipulation of the product performance and maleficence of the product have become a social issue. The products lacking safety and reliability can cause a severe setback to the company's reputation and sales, while the ones with safe and excellent performance are the soundest ways to build trust with customers. "Product reliability" defined by Coway is a series of courses to actively fulfill the responsibilities with regards to the product that enable the customers to use the products safely and with consistency in the performance. In particular, Coway's products deal with water and air, and are to be used for a long period of time in a daily life, which makes it very important to maintain the homeostasis of safety and performance in a product.

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